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Hello there

I am waj287, otherwise known as a random dude on the PCPP forums. I'm glad you chose to stop by and check out my otherwise useless profile description.

Let's start with the basics...

Who am I?

Well, I'm not giving you any of my personal info (I like to have a private life), but I think I'll elaborate more than just a dude on the forums.

To start, I'm simply a young guy that has had an interest in computers and electronics in general for many years now.

My Interest in Computers

My first true exposure to anything electronics-related was my PS2. My dad had gotten it before I was born, but some of my earliest memories of gaming are me and him playing Monster Jam, Cars (based on the movie), and Namco Museum 50th Anniversary. That PS2 and those games still sit in my attic today (although I doubt some of them even work anymore) Later on, I got my first DS and played that a lot too. Over the years I would get a number of consoles and play them a lot, but never really into PCs or PC gaming...until recently.

I had recently changed schools, and I really didn't know anyone that well. However, I soon met a guy who is actually one of my best friends today. (He has a PCPP account but I won't link to him for his privacy)

He got me into the concept of custom PCs in general, though at first I literally had no idea what I was doing. I had knowledge of electronics, yes, but PCs were out of my league. He successfully talked me into building a PC, but it was just Nothing was done to get the build off the ground and eventually we just kinda dropped it for a while.

My First Build

After a few months and a new school year started, I began to get back into PCs and got some of the proper knowledge needed, until the fateful day came. I had spoken to my grandfather (another very big role model of mine) and one afternoon he took me out and we got everything I needed (except a GPU; but that came later). I called up my friend and soon enough, we got started and my first build came to life.

Not a super exciting story, but still a nice background of my PC gaming experience.

Outside of Computers

As I mentioned earlier, I am a gamer outside of just PCs; I primarily have a PS4 for exclusives I will miss out on, as well as a Switch and 3DS for all of my Nintendo fixes.

I also run a podcast (Recap Anything; give it a listen) with a friend of mine about PC stuff as well as gaming. It's somewhat new but it's getting off the ground.

I'm also a big sports and graphic design fan; and have sunk more hours into Illustrator than I can count just doing concepts.