I built my first computer in 2014, so I'm less of a noob than brand-new builders, but more of a noob than, say, someone who was doing this ten years ago.

If you want help with a build, feel free to message me.

I don't bite.

I've built a couple quite a few PCs, and designed (but was never able to build) many, many, more.

I also have a soft spot for GNU/Linux and FOSS/FLOSS (Free and Open Source Software)

I've done a fair amount of work with Linux. I might be able to help with your Linux build if you want...

*nix is a passion of mine. I try to use it as much as possible, and I've gotten good at either fixing stuff or brute-force Googling until I find the answer.

My Discord username is the same as on here - someta. I'll try to jump on to the PCPartPicker Discord from time to time.