I'm a university student in the United States and I work as a Computer Lab Manager for The Information and Technology Office. We make sure the assistants (who are normally younger students) are at the help desks offering basic support while we build operating systems and assemble basic components in the office. Replace old towers with new ones, fix printers, etc. It's not glamorous, but it's a fun job since I like the subject matter. Yeah, that's about it as far as my tech background goes.

Oh yea I love linux distributions. Not just one in particular, I'm a fan of the open source movement in general. Any build I'm doing you can bet it'll have some version of linux on it. So if you ever need any install advice, let me know. My specialty for many years was installing linux on Macbooks (yeah, it's kind of an oddball thing to do and it's not done very often). So if anyone has any interest in this, hit me up cause I've done it hundreds of times trying to get it right and I can save you a ton of time.

That's about it really, besides the tech side I go to alot of music festivals. So yeah.