Started messing around with computers in the early 80's. I got a Texas Instruments TI-99/4 for Christmas. Commodor 64 was next and of course the good ol Apple 2e. I bought a real computer later on which was a 233Mhz with MMX! It died so I decided to build one in 2002. Athlon XP 1900+. Over the years I've built many others both for myself and other people. Virus removal and upgrades is what I mainly do. Maybe 2 or 3 builds a year. Once a few people find out you know how to repair/build computers, the word gets out quick. Its just a hobby for me though. I enjoy learning about all the latest and greatest tech. My hobbies are metal detecting, astronomy, photography, storm chasing, ham radio and music production. My user name pulltabking comes from all the pulltabs I dig metal detecting! I remodel houses and do home repair to pay for my toys.