HI..i'm new to PC building(September 2016)..i'm still learning, my first build was a succeed. I always thought that building a PC is hard but i guess its easier than i thought.

Here's my story:

2002, my first PC ever. Got brand new a DELL laptop from a summer program C.O.R.A.L. I don't know the specs at that time :( 2004, second laptop, my first and last Apple Mac! LOL. Got for free from the summer program too. Don't know the specs :(

2010, I bought a HP pre-built: i5 650, GT 230, 8 GB ram, 250watts PSU, 750GB HDD. I used to game on a 1600x900p monitor then later 1080p FHD.

2016, first custom high-end build and switching to 4k UHD, wow! night and day difference. Check my completed builds for pictures.

(UPDATED 08-07-2017): Finished a Ryzen build

(UPDATED 08-08-2017): EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 (SLI) :D

(UPDATED 2018) AOC AGON (AG271QG) G-sync, QHD 165hz, IPS panel

(UPDATED 10-21-2018): new PC case (for the third time) new parts: New 32gb RGB DDR4 , RGB fans, EVGA SLI HB bridge, MSI X Power motherboard, upgraded to M.2 ssd, RGB CPU cooler, RGB PSU.

2019 March 14: Bought a new laptop Acer Predator Helios 300 15.6"/144hz/GTX 1060. Played games on it for 5 months, major issue is thermal throttle even after undervolting. Lesson learned! When buying a gaming laptop, cooling performances is 1st priority! Decided to sell it.

2019 August 24: Bought the Acer Predator Helios 500 AMD Ryzen 7 2700/Vega 56. Bigger, better, cooler! IMO this gotta be one of the best cooling laptop ever! CPU overclock to 4.0ghz on all cores at 1.34v and GPU overclock to 1400mhz on core-clock and 900mhz memory-clock. Almost desktop performances!