A Software Architect / Entrepreneur and Gamer. I live in SF with my family and enjoy computing as a profession and hobby.

I'm posting my first machine here in the Fall of 2018, but hopefully there will be more. One day my daughter might even be old enough to help like Linus's Daughter did. :-P ( ) Until then, she's still learning the basics about life.

As a software developer I have an interest in VR / AR, Finance, and Machine Learning.

As far as crypto currency goes, I'm still waiting for it to get good. I don't like that the proof of work requirements are basically energy cost limitations, I'm also not thrilled that it doesn't work a space distances where currencies would currently fork, and I'm not thrilled that crypto cripples governments to act non violently with threatening nations. I am hopeful that these issues will get resolved and we will have good decentralized digital currency options.

As for games I like strategy games, and I'm currently learning to play Fortnite.