Built my first pc in March 2016 and I loved it- building it after months of saving and planning :D I mostly played counter strike and battlefield so I treated myself to a 144hz monitor, but in September my dad smashed it because of subpar 90 grades. He told me that I couldn't buy a new monitor or use the pc until school gets out- 10 months later. I've been selling all of my parts and managed to get rid of my 6700k and gigabyte gaming 7 mobo just before the release of Kaby Lake. All I'm left with right now is a kraken x61 and my 850 evo, but I think that I'll keep the latter. I'll rebuild my pc with a budget of around 2k for everything that I'll need. Hopefully ryzen delivers because paying 350 for 4 cores and 8 threads is too much. Vega looks promising, and I hope to get an amd card because of the drivers. Have a nice day!