Howdy there folks! I'd like to tell you a story of a grumpy teenager called zeatomicbomb. This is his story: A regular 13 year old kid who likes to troll people ;) jk Seriously though, this site has taught me so much and transferred me from a console peasant to PC Master Race nerd. I still play Xbox 360 but only for the exclusives and the classic games. Best friends- Geekazoid-Jipster69-Tiny.voices. I will start ordering parts for my PC around next September and hopefully be finished by next August. I have a brief knowledge of PC's and what components there are out there (and if they're compatible, specs of the components etc.) The only reason I started transferring to the pc master race was simply I wanted to be different than everybody else at my school (mosthave no idea how they work) and I teach them basics of the programmes they want to learn (aside from our weekly ICT lessons) and they appreciate it a bunch. I use PCPP as a source to unleash my inner nerd (LOL). Thanks for reading folks and I'll probably see you in the forums or on the comments section of completed builds! XD