YouTube Channel: Black Wolfe CC

I'm a Custom PC Builder.

I'm a PC Modder

I'm a printer

I'm a PC parts ReSeller

I'm a content creator

I'm a Husband

I'm a Father of two

I have a list of what I am and what I do. I feel it's important to have different hobbies and projects as an example for kids. By demonstrating to them that I can build or create anything within the confines of a budget, I hope to instill in them that they can do whatever they want with no social bounds to hold them back. To show them that there isn't one, or two roads to walk, but a thousand and not one is the right path. That life is whatever they want it to be, not what something tells them it should be. I take on projects I've never done before, interact with people who know nothing about computers, use tools and materials to create something unique and functional, and show my successes and my failures. I learn from those mistakes and I continue to grow with each success. I started a YouTube channel to keep a log time lined with projects I've done and those I plan on doing.

This site has been a great platform to jump off from. A focal point of curiosity and friendliness. I encourage everyone to participate in whatever form they can on this site.

Thanks for reading. If you like my builds, comments, topics, or this brief profile summary, how about heading over to my YouTube channel Black Wolfe CC and taking a look at some of my projects.

Feel free to drop me a line for questions or comments!