I'm 15 and I like to "develop" games in Unity 5. I used to "program" and learn visual basic but now I'm learning Unity stuffs. I also like programming languages and what not but I prefer level design since I'm learning alot with it :p (and I also love it).

I've been watching a lot of youtube videos, searching in a lot of forums for help to get the best graphics I can make (or something xD). But yeah, just an annoying kiddo who likes game dev.

I also like to play Minecraft, CS:GO (at 5 fps XDD) with my laptop, rise of the tomb raider (dif pc)... etc My laptop has a n2830 CPU (ik bad but whatvz) + IGPU (integraded). It's what I have to learn game dev, play games... etc. No one needs a NASA pc to learn game development. I can use Substance Painter, Blender, Unity... etc with some lag but it's usable.

I will build a gaming pc in this summer (2017) which is gonna be awesome! (if I don't screw it up xD, I don't think I will though).

You can find me in steam at I don't mind if you add me to your friends list xDD.