Hello everyone. I am Mike Yunker.

Little bit about me....first off I am a meathead. Always in the gym. Bench-450x3, 600x1 in single ply shirt off a one board Deadlift-715x1 Squat-680x3, 800 in 2 ply squat suit

Best of both worlds here, the gym and computers! It is quite the feeling showing people youre a jacked person who can tinker with computers and files lol. Their looks are PRICELESS.

What got me into building? I wanted to mod games at first. I started on a 5 year old laptop. Imagine how that went. I wanted more. Saved up, did research and such and finally got my first build done. My goal is to finish college and get a bachelors in Computer Science and Technology.

Other than that im pretty boring. I work, workout, game, socially drink etc.

My avatar is my late cat, Misty. Who was suddenly taken from me by cancer. You never truly realize how much of an impact pets have on your life, so make sure to give them the best.