Born in 1958, we moved a bunch of times during my childhood, mostly northern California and northern Nevada. I ran cross country and track in High School, and did the school band/choir stuff (percussion and tuba, (not sousaphone!)). My dad was a really good guitar player, I played my first gig when I was 12, and played the bars/weddings/rodeos/county fairs/etc. for many many years as a drummer/vocals/some guitar/bass work. I stopped playing about 2006, arthritis and the hassles of the business just became too much. Anyway, facing high school #7, I GED'd and joined the U.S. Army. Active duty '76 - '83 (tank crewman and then a machinist), some Nat. Gd. time (heavy equipment repair shop), about 10 yrs. D.O.D. civil service (most of that on a U.S. Navy bombing range), two years of college, did 5 years prison time for D.U.I.'s, spent that time as a Helitac firefighter. Been earning a living with my hands and brain. I call myself a Tradesman. I found this site by total dumb luck. I want to build a computer that won't need major upgrades for years. I'm tired of always being too far behind the tech curve. I'm not into gaming, I want a machine that will do internet/office/light to medium CAD/entertainment. PM me if you want to discuss something, I'm a nice guy, and like to honestly discuss stuff. I'm interested in engineering, anthropology, high performance machinery, sailing & trains, both models and 1:1. Pleased to E-meet you, Bobby