I am a retired NASA shuttle engineer who spent his career at KSC. I owned an original IBM PC and while in California for two years started building clones around 1985. Over the years I would dare say I've built 500+ computers and do it as a hobby and small income on the side.

As far as computers go I started with a real IBM PC I purchased directly from IBM in 1984 with a whopping 64K of memory, full height 5.25" FDD, CGA graphics, to which I added 192K of discrete memory chips to fill it up. Later I added another FDD and AST memory expansion and I/O card. I started building the original clones while stationed in CA around 1985 actually driving to LA to pick up the parts for five systems. Some people wanted IBM Basic on EEPROMs so I bought a burner and copied the IBM set of five BASIC chips as the clone MBs had sockets for them. So since those humble beginnings I have probalby build 500+ machines in the interim years and have seen the technology advancements as well as the huge price drops. I still build the occasional machine and tend to keep somewhat up to date with the tech on my personal machine and my wife's machine.