Hi. I'm Rayven. I love to go planespotting, and watching tech YouTubers. I game and 3D design on my PC, and enjoy talking with friends in free time. I play games like War Thunder, ShellShock Live, Stick Fight, and Castle Crashers. I'm trying to get into building games like Stormworks and Brick Rigs, and serious racing games like Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo and Dirt. I'm also a member of many modded Minecraft servers my friends have created over the last few months. I just started rendering with Blender, making scenery for X-Plane 11 with a friend.

I really want to go to Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) and get an automotive engineering degree, or some other type of engineering. I also really want to get into cybersecurity, or become a pilot. As you can tell, I've got a whole bunch of career choices floating through my four brain cells. I got plenty of time to decide though.

The greatest part about doing cybersecurity is the fact I'll have an excuse for having a $9000+ computer for my future wife...

"It's for work, honey."


My PC, dubbed ".ruby" because of the accents on my case, and my birthstone. I purchased the PC late August 2019, and built it in September 2019. I do have some upgrades planned, because I kinda missed some important aspects...

Regardless, I have some explaining to do. It will be measured in stages, from 0-3. Stage Zero, is what my PC/Setup is now. Stages 1, 2, and 3 all have different things that they will change. From my desk and RGB with minor component improvement (Stage 1), to a dual card SLI (perhaps custom loop) absolute beast of a PC (Stage 3, .rubyOmega). Below, is the completion date of the different stages. Each will be uploaded as a new completed parts list.

Stage 0 - Completed 9/17/19

Stage 1- Completed --/--/--

Stage 2 Completed: --/--/--

Stage 3 RubyOMEGA Completed: --/--/--



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