To start things off, I'm a 14 year old guy(over sized and over weight)looking to build a gaming PC that can run some ESports games, WoW: Legion and Left 4 Dead 2. I really, and I mean really love my games. My parents played WoW until I was about 7 or 8 years old and seeing them play with my uncle and their friends really inspired me to get a PC of my own and play games with my friends. Now I finally have a chance to do that with friends who have a PC of their own and a friend who is saving up to build one like me. So I thank PCPartPicker for the opportunity to build a custom PC of my own and feel accomplished. To make things said and done, I basically want to join the PC MASTER RACE!!! PC has more exclusives, it has better graphics on games, they can be much better than consoles for gaming, you can build your own and the list goes on and on. PC's are just amazing. So thank you who created the first ever PC for this entire spoof of PC's we have in the world!!!