I first got introduced to this site through Steam back somewhere around late 2013/ early 2014, and I've loved it ever since. Occasionally I post help on topics concerning GPUs, Cases, and Audio. However, I usually am taking part on the more social area of this site in the General Discussion and off topic forums, and I always enjoy having conversations here. Speaking of which, I love the community here. It's always fun to engage in casual conversations with people concerning whatever we feel like talking about (for me it's usually movies and games), which leads me to a few of my interests. I LOVE movies; my favorites are The Lord of the Rings (especially Return of the King), Alien, Full Metal Jacket, The Dark Knight, The Terminator, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Some of my favorite games are Dark Souls (1 and 3), Bloodborne, Super Smash Bros, Skyrim, Minecraft, Battlefield, and The Last of Us. As you can see by my profile pic, I love all things Dragon Ball.

One last thing I want people to know about me is that I am a Christian, and I will say this loudly and proudly. While I absolutely do fall short at times, I do my best to never judge anyone for their beliefs, no matter how different they are than mine. After all, God loves you as much as anyone else, so I should too. :)

My Steam ID: JustAnotherGamer