10/06/18: Researching best parts for my build, I have a budget of 700 USD for the computer itself, I've saved up 30 USD lol. With my allowance income, i should have a computer in around a year and a half

10/26/18: Still refining the parts list for my build. I now have a budget of around 750 USD for the computer and have saved 110 USD.

10/27/18: Changed parts list completely. Still at 110 USD. Cut down the cost from 965 to 850

11/24/18: Refined my parts list, saved up $165 USD, Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB RAM, RX 580. :)

12/3/18: After buying Christmas gifts, plus a G502 Proteus Spectrum for myself . I'm down to about $80-90 USD. Christmas is coming up though, so I think I'm getting a new monitor plus a new desk, so those are expenses that I don't have to worry about.

12/26/18: I am at about $180-$200, my part list hasn't changed much. Should probably get buy a computer by the end of the school year. Still working hard.

4/15/19: Haven't done this in a while, Happy New Years. My birthday was 3 days ago and i got $150, im up to about $250. Crazy year, crazy parts. IDK when to expect a PC now...

7/27/19: Awkward, found a prebuilt PC on a good deal and bought it... I will be building a PC in the future though