I am a deaf guy that enjoys netflix, anime, and games. I enjoy being good at games particularly when sound plays a big part such as shooting fps games. I don't usually play with volume on so I don't hear footsteps near me or behind me nor gunshots nearby me to make me ready my gun. Most players don't really pay attention to their senses. The eye sense is a powerful tool in gaming, it's amazing how I, being deaf, have to rely on my eyes to catch the slightest movements while I am sniping on a tall tower all exposed with no protection and also, the biggest flaw. I won't hear the gunshots being fired at me nor when it misses me or hits the platform I am on which means I won't see the bullet hole underneath. It is a very pleasant feeling to out-snipe someone, not only once but several times and I am already at disadvantage. I'm deaf, and I'm using a toshiba laptop that I brought for $400 at walmart five years ago. FIVE years ago!! Most players have better guns and PC than me. So, it's sometime disappointing that they do not think about focusing on their eye and hearing sense, all the while being "wielding" their PC that absolutely destroys my laptop. I just happen to use the best of what I have.

I plan to build my own PC (First time!!) within this year of 2016. I hope. I will surely enjoy my supreme upgrade to my gaming power. Only to be limited by the speed of internet. (Light-speed internet within my lifetime please!!)

Also. Check out my back ground. link to pic