Great PSU's

– G2 or G3's from EVGA

– Focus G's from Seasonic

– Bitfenix Whisper M's

– Gray-labeled CXM's from Corsair

– RMx's from Corsair

– TXM's from Corsair

Excellent Air Cooler's

– Scythe Fuma

– Scythe Mugen 5

– Thermalright Macho

– Cryorig M9a (Performance of a Hyper 212, but smaller and easier to install)

– Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3

PSU's to Stay away from

– EVGA B3 lineup (OPP is set way too high, makes them a potential fire hazard)

– Anything from Logisys

– Green labeled CX's or CXM's (Mediocre)

– SeaSonic M12II 520 (Dated design, group regulated, and lacks OTP)

– EVGA 500B (Bad soldering and second tier capacitors

– NEX from EVGA (Overall So-so quality and competes with units that blow it out of the water)

– Anything from Diablotek