For the past 7 years I have worked as the multimedia specialist for Markey’s Rental & Staging in Indianapolis.

I am responsible for Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production elements of our live events as well as individual projects beyond our live events.

This includes but is not limited to:

• Video production and editing • Computer animation • Graphic design • Audio design, recording and editing • Conceptual design • Layout and content creation for Digital Signage • Project Management

For the 16 years prior to moving into the edit suite, I worked as an event technician. As a Senior Lead Technician for Markey’s, I led production crews and worked as a production crew member for large corporate events “shows” in cities from coast to coast.

My duties varied in response to the needs of a given show, but included:

• Technical Director • Video Engineer • Rigging • Audio Engineer • Location Video Production/Editing • Record Engineer • Video Playback • Graphics • Computer Networking • Camera Operator • Projectionist • Teleprompt • ARS Systems • Truck Driver • Lobby Bar Aficionado

My best guess is that in my 16 years as a technician, I worked more than 2500 shows in nearly every city in North America you’d care about, stayed in more hotel rooms and flew more miles in coach than I care to recall.

I once explained my job to someone like this; “You’ve seen big concerts with huge video screens, tons of moving lights and an enormous sound system? That’s what I do. Only instead of Bono, we get a CEO who thinks he’s Bono.