I love cars and Eurobeat. WhAt ElSe DiD yOu ExPeCt FrOm A pErSoN lIkE mE? Oh wait, I am a skiier, does that help.

On a more serious note, I just like to build weird things. Hence why I have a bunch of 50 thousand dollar computers in my build lists. I also like gaming, a fun way to pass time. I like to build gaming computers. I have a line of computers called the "Photon Gaming PC", and it is kind of a high end gaming PC line. The highest models are the RiZe models. And yes, I meant RiZe with the capital Z, looks cool okay? Don't judge my taste in design. Sometimes if I feel like it, I will make a console competitor, or a flat out office computer. Why an office computer? Because my head is on straight, and office buildings have their choices in computers. Most likely their choice is cheap, and usable. Pretty much what I try to make. I have some cheap and cough expensive cough gaming computers made, and I think they are pretty good as they are, Feel free to make alterations to the builds if you like, and feel free to leave feedback on my builds,

                                                                                                                                                               With lots of memes,