Once I turned 17, I've started to take interest in building myself a computer. Being stuck with a 6 year old laptop is starting to get harder when it comes to multitasking or gaming especially. I don't know anything about computer hardware or software. I guess i'm just that average consumer. But I am willing to learn more about it and hopefully become knowledgeable in this subject so that I can maybe help others and increase my own understanding of this topic. I am doing my best to save up for a PC as Australian prices are completely insane. I have never owned a desktop pc ever nor have I owned a 1080p or 1440p monitor. Which is why I can't wait till I get to build my first ever PC. I don't generally use computer for anything more that web surfing, opening tons of tabs in chrome and gaming especially. This laptop cannot run League of legends smoothly without lowering the setting to low-medium. I really want that amazing gaming experience, which is why I want a 1440p monitor. I really like the 980 or the 290X if you are curious. Yes I am waiting to see the 300 series from AMD first before I decide to buy anything. Take a look at my Saved Parts List to see what I'm really going for or feel free to PM me and help me out if you have the time. I have a tons of questions to ask, so sorry in advance if I become a little annoying by asking obvious questions, as I said i'm still a newbie, but I am willing to learn more about this so I don't screw up my first build or screw up the information I give to help others with. Thanks for reading, have a nice day :D