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Nov. 9, 2016, 8:07 p.m.

About Agent_Blackwing

About me? I am 19 and I have a poptado that I don't technically own and it runs like a fan in oil(slow!) and since 2014 I have been desperately looking into PC. Until Nov.9,2016 I was stumped on what was a fan header and what was a 12 pin connector. Since then I have been trough over 100 combinations starting from the i3 prior to my account where I had no knowledge of what was good or bad.

Going back to 2014 when I was a junior in high school, I had huge ambitions of making a 9 ultrawide setup with bezeless displays in a 3X3X3 setup. At that time I did not know what to do and gave up for a while. After months of not looking into computer parts because I was annoyed at the complexity of the "New world" I was entering. After talking to my "friend" who told me about this site I made a list for $400 with just the system. That system grew from a i3 6100(late 2015) to what I have been doing today. However my "Friend" is against me getting the following types of parts. 1- Full tower -Reason "You don't need it and get a budget case instead" 2- Water Cooling -Reason "you don't need it and it costs more money and you WILL mess up and drench your stuff" 3- Optical drive -Reason "Who uses them"(I have pesky games not on steam or elsewhere that have a disk like Microsoft flight simulator X Gold non steam version that the cd key won't work) 4- Fan controller -"just no"

He is more critical than any body else on this site and says all of my systems have a fatal flaw(near always) or unnecessary parts like my most recent lists contain.

Now more about me, I am a shy-ish person who literally draws out nearly every step of any project in games or in life. I Also get very detailed in specks and over compare items. I am a semi-competitionist who wants nearly nothing but the best equipment and to max out what I can (especially with skyrim mods lol). I will not settle with low-end hardware and cheap junky equipment like I have been dealing with for so long. And I mean a long time.

My family has "settled" with the medium low quality items because they have the mind set of "cheap is all we need" then five days later it breaks or something and says "oh well lets get another". That mindset got the poptado because it was from walmart for $200 on sale with a junk fat bezel poor quality 720p HP screen and junk keyboard that has sticky keys and had to replace the monitor with a 900p fatter bezel monitor from HP Dont get me started on the printers(had 7 ,5 broke while one is in storage). When it comes to technology they get cheap stuff and toss my opinion about longer lasting slightly more expensive hardware out the window and in a incinerator. My house has aluminum wiring since 1980 and has yet to be re-wired for reasons.

When it comes to games and systems my family is split 4 ways, Me, my brother, my sister and my mom and dad. I prefer PC because my experences with Xbox one/360 was not satisfying with frame drops and that pay-to-play-with-friends Microsoft has My best experence with a console was with the PS2 before My PC thoughts. My brother considers himself a neutral who sticks with what he has (Xbox)and does not care what he uses and does not care about paying to play. My sister has a PS4 and does not use online and I don't know what she does but play FF10 at 720 upscaled to 1080i or something like that. My parents are utterly confused when it comes to electronics and thinks all you need to run a game is the disk and a disk drive. And if I am on the computer automticly any thing I am doing was "Minecraft" because in 2010 that I what I did(I was 12 lol) or any other program I used.

I am meaning no intentional negatives about whom I spoke of but that is my situation on a near daily basis.

Sometimes I am expected to do the impossible like put a full setup in a 4'X4' space where the nearest plug is 10ft away.