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Power Supply

Corsair CX 600W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply

( 4.6 Average / 325 Ratings )




Part #

(or) CP-9020060-NA
(or) CP-9020060-UK
(or) CMPSU-600CXM
(or) CP-9020060-AU




600 Watts





Efficiency Certification

80+ Bronze


< 85%


[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

PCI-Express 6+2-Pin Connectors


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C4C 15 points 26 months ago
from completed build Eva - The $450 Console Killer

Expected a solid product from Corsair for my first build and it was delivered. 2 months in, and no issues.

ArdyC 6 points 25 months ago

Little too early to review the PSU but so far so good, and being modular helped route some of the cables easily.

jerboa88 1 point 25 months ago
from completed build BlackIce (First Build)

Work's flawlessly. Cable management is a pain, but that's not the PSU's fault. Deliver's enough power to do anything I want. Very quiet. The green badge on the side doesn't match my colour scheme, but it doesn't really matter. The SATA cables have multiple plugs on a single cable. Works okay but I only have one drive atm and probably won't ever use more than three. Having extra plugs in the case that I don't use isn't perfect but I suppose it works well for someone with a lot of drives.

Dam5968 11 points 25 months ago

Another respected brand. Semi-modular does what I need it to.

Andrifann 14 points 24 months ago
from completed build R5 Define asus

It works but there is a rattling noise that comes from the fan that is the loudest thing in my system. If not for this power supply my system would be completely silent!

IAmDovakiin 6 points 24 months ago

I did have some problems trying to screw this to the case, but besides that, it's a great PSU.

robertlabrador94 24 points 23 months ago

600W is recommended for the GPU so I chose a corsair one since I'm most familiar with the brand, I have heard mixed reviews about them but I just went with it, no problems so far. It is also modular, very nice to keep things tidy.

NotAnNPC 6 points 23 months ago
from completed build First ever build

Decent PSU. But might not be worth the extra for a modular version...which...this is actually semi modular.

In hindsight, I should have gone non-modular with a higher wattage for the same price.

kwriley87 15 points 22 months ago

Really nice PSU... 600 watts which is plenty for what I have in my machine. Semi modular with all black cables, so it made the cable management a little easier to handle if it weren't for the case.

Dam5968 14 points 21 months ago
from completed build Nephew Mario "black and blue"

solid and semi-modular