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DIYPC Ranger-R4-R ATX Mid Tower Case

(9 Ratings, 3.9 Average)


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Part #





ATX Mid Tower


Black / Red

Power Supply


Side Panel Window


Power Supply Shroud


Front Panel USB

  • USB 3.2 Type-A
  • USB 2.0 Type-A

Motherboard Form Factor

  • ATX
  • Micro ATX

Full-Height Expansion Slots


Half-Height Expansion Slots


Maximum Video Card Length

420 mm / 16.535"


  • 475 mm x 203 mm x 431 mm
  • 18.701" x 7.992" x 16.969"

External 5.25" Bays


Internal 2.5" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays



  • 41.559 L
  • 1.468 ft³

Price History


    • 21 points
    • 42 months ago

    from completed build $900 Gaming Budget Build

    For the price of this case, I am very pleased with the cable management. Has all the features you would need to create a very appealing gaming rig. Also got it on sale for $25 and free shipping through newegg. Can't beat that.

    • 11 points
    • 29 months ago

    from completed build Randy's Budget PC

    For 20 dollars, how bad could it be? I asked myself. Comes with 3 annoying short cabled cords. The PCI-E covers were annoying to take off and the "manual" was a printed piece of paper in black and white. But it works and it looks very nice. Incredibly satisfying power button.

    • 8 points
    • 40 months ago

    from completed build First Build- 1080p with OC

    A bit small especially with a water cooler. But I was warned that it may not fit. After some modding this case looks great and keeps my components cool. Could use a bigger window for the side panel, but I got it on sale for 32$ so no complaints.
    • 7 points
    • 29 months ago

    from completed build Friend's PC - Budget Gaming Build

    This case was probably the skimpiest part of my build. The fans and LEDs are nice, it looks really good, the front IO is fine too. The problem starts with taking off the side panel; this actually took me 10 minutes to figure out! There are no grips for it, but you have to push to the side as hard as you can for a second before the panel pops out. Secondly the 2.5" and 3.5" slots are horrible made and in bad spots. The instruction manual is unreadable as it is only black and white pictures where everything is black with 2 word captions. The front IO wires were almost not long enough to reach the M/B ports. The expansion slot covers come out permanently so if you upgrade it could make the back look worse, and they are hard to get out. There is also no PSU shroud, nor are there many other cable management helpers. I would really not recommend this to anyone as it is a really crappy case to work in and gave us a lot of trouble.

    • 4 points
    • 30 months ago

    from completed build The Gold Fish

    An awesome case! It has a good amount of room for all my parts.

    • 4 points
    • 5 months ago

    from completed build Hades

    This was the only part of my build that I was not readily happy with. For the price, the case is alright, however the case I received had a LOT of problems and was a nightmare to work with.

    I'll start with the good things about this case, in my experience:

    • Decent cable management, leaving a fair bit of routing options to be desired.

    • Decent air flow. I feel cold(er) air going in the side and front and hot air coming out the back.

    • 3 included case fans, of which all are relatively quiet and the red lighting is pretty nice.

    • PSU dust filter provided.

    • Decent front panel IO. Layout is nice, power button LED doubles as a HDD activity light but is beautiful nonetheless. The power button also has a VERY satisfying click when it's pressed.

    • Bottom mounted PSU. Not much else needs to be said about this, other than a PSU shroud would have been nice.

    • Overall design is nice. Looks fairly modern in terms of aesthetics. The shape is nice and the accents are beautiful. Bonus points for proper built in legs, instead of rubber pads. Points taken off for the weird shaped acrylic window (because of the placement of the side fan) but also points added back in that it allows you to see all the important bits of the PC that would be potentially RGB (CPU cooler, RAM, etc.).

    • Plenty of room for the parts I have installed. Double check to make absolute sure your parts will fit, because I do have some parts that almost didn't fit.

    And now for the bad, in my experience:

    • Because of the location of the single (PCPartPicker says two, but I could only find one) 2.5" and 3.5" bays, installing any SSDs and HDDs before routing any cables through the cable management areas is a must, which I didn't think about at first because I originally wasn't planning on having a 2.5" SDD and 3.5" HDD installed.

    • I could NOT for the life of me get the IO shield to install into this case's IO shield slot fully. I installed it temporarily into another case just fine, but this one I could not get it to fully snap in, so one corner isn't fully installed. Hoping this won't be an issue.

    • The PSU dust filter/cover is extremely noticeably cheap. I accidentally hit it on the table I was working on and now it's permanently bent and doesn't completely cover the PSU intake no matter how much I try to flex it back into being straight.

    • The case came with four stand offs pre-installed and only two extra to install for MicroATX boards. Be wary of installing a full sized ATX board in this case. Also, the stand off holes that didn't have the pre-installed standoffs were NOT drilled right, or something, because unlike the other case I have experience with, I was not able to get even remotely close to finger tightening the standoffs. I could barely get a half turn in before I had to resort to using locking pliers and a lot of extra force to get the standoffs securely mounted into the case, which is uncalled for and very difficult for the standoff near the back of the case that required unlocking and relocking the pliers every half turn. On top of that, the provided screws were not labeled in any way and I had to reference my old PC and assume that it was the screws that looked similar to the ones used for mounting in that case. Some of the screws wouldn't even properly thread into the motherboard standoffs, so of the six required to properly mount my motherboard, only four are fully installed. Hoping that they will be able to support my motherboard and it's components until I can replace this case.

    • It's 2019 and the front IO cables aren't color matching with the case. While it's not ketchup and mustard cables, which would have actually been preferred because of this colors of this case, they're an eyesore to look at. Thankfully, the design of the side panel blocks direct sight of the cables if you do like I did and run them through the back of the case and then use the passthrough holes below the motherboard (which would be blocked by a full sized ATX motherboard). However, doing this also makes it almost impossible to reach the appropriate headers for the USB 2.0 and front panel audio cables without finessing the cables. This is a problem running them through the front, but much more of a problem running them through the back.

    I don't have 5.5" drives, so I can't comment on the quality or anything of those. Overall the case is...adequate. I wouldn't really recommend this case unless you're looking for a decent but truly budget oriented case that has a side panel, at least one USB 3.0 port on the front and has 3 case fans of decent quality, and that you may be okay with the case's mounting not being enough to support your system, potentially leading to your motherboard falling and potentially destroying your hardware.

    • 3 points
    • 42 months ago

    Good case for the price. Haven't bother with cable management yet but there seems to be a lot of spaces and holes to rout cables through. Case fans sometimes get loud though.

    • 3 points
    • 28 months ago

    from completed build Big Red (Ryzen)

    Good case for the price. Fans can be a little loud and there's only one dust filter, which is by the power supply. The wires are ugly (multi-colored) but were mostly hidden in my build. It's small and lightweight, which I prefer. The LEDs are not too much, and overall, it does its job.

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