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Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

(28 Ratings, 4.5 Average)


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GA-Z170X-Gaming 7

Part #

  • GA-Z170X-Gaming7
  • GA-Z170X-Gaming 7
  • GA-Z170X-Gaming7-EU
  • GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 (rev. 1.0)



Socket / CPU


Form Factor


RAM Slots



64 GB


Black / Red


Intel Z170

Memory Type


Memory Slots


Memory Speed

  • DDR4-2133
  • DDR4-2400
  • DDR4-2800
  • DDR4-3200


  • 2-Way SLI Capable
  • CrossFire Capable

PCI-E x16 Slots


PCI-E x8 Slots


PCI-E x4 Slots


PCI-E x1 Slots


PCI Slots


Onboard Ethernet

2 x 1000 Mbit/s

SATA Express


M.2 Slots


mSATA Slots


Onboard Video

Depends on CPU

Onboard USB3.0 Headers


Supports ECC


Wireless Networking


RAID Support


Price History


    • 40 points
    • 49 months ago

    Some of the reviews online were scaring me away from this board, but I love it. This is my third Gigabyte board, but first intel based one. It shipped with the F5 BIOS but I quickly upgraded to the F6 as soon as I got my first POST. I have had no issues with it so far, and it was a breeze to install. Plenty of connectors, and the manual is decent. The Gigabyte App Center has some cool apps and the BIOS GUI is pretty simple to navigate. The board detected all of my hardware just fine, including my m.2 NVME 950 Pro stick. Just be aware of how M.2 shares PCIe lanes with SATA. If you only have one M.2, use the M.2 connector on the bottom, it uses up less SATA lanes. If you have 2 M.2 connected, you will lose all but SATA_5 on the Intel SATA controller, but Gigabyte provides 2 additional SATA connectors with a secondary SATA controller (SATA_6 and SATA_7). You just cannot RAID SATA_6 and SATA_7.

    Windows 10 installed just fine, I enabled the Windows 8/10 mode in the BIOS and have "Ultra fast boot" turned on. The system loads in less than 10 seconds from power up. You can even customize the startup logo with the gigabyte App.

    This board also comes with 2 Ethernet controllers. Great for hosting VM's.

    • 34 points
    • 43 months ago

    Excellent motherboard! I've only had it for a couple weeks now but I love everything about it except for the fact that it only has 4 chassis fan headers. I really needed more than that (5... just needed one more lol) but I'll admit I didn't read the spec sheet very closely so that's my bad. Otherwise, I don't do much overclocking but it seems to overclock my 6600K pretty well, and it looks amazing, I love the white and red accents. The sound features are nice although I haven't noticed too much of a sound quality difference. I love the glowing rear I/O panel. Holds my GTX 1080 up with almost no GPU sag at all. Easy to install, posted on the first boot.

    • 33 points
    • 48 months ago

    from completed build Hatchling

    Awesome motherboard! I like that the debug LED helped me figure out what was wrong when building (I had to reinstall the RAM) and it was fine after that.

    It looks really sweet, but the colors aren't that common, so I have modded my case to match it (a little) and it has plenty of connectors for my needs, almost too many wishing I had gone with a MATX mobo, would suit me just fine.

    Tip: Go to Gigabyte's website and download the app center for 170 chipsets and install system viewer and the one where you can edit the LED without needing to go into the BIOS, as well as anything else that you may want, who knows if you may need it. There is also the overclocking utility that allows you to adjust BLCK, core multiplier, and voltage without needing to enter the BIOS and restart.

    -1 star because the tab on the first PCI-E slot is broken, you have to pry the card so hard to pop out the tab to get it out of the slot, it's really nerve racking, good thing I don't have to do it much

    • 26 points
    • 38 months ago

    from completed build From zero to hero... hopefully

    Pretty happy with the features vs the price but you should know a couple things. Overall I like it

    Pros - Install was easy and the board is well laid out with a small exception for one m.2 slot - I really like the Thunderbolt for the future. - The LED on the IO ports is great for plugging in ports - The sound chip is cool and sounds great with my nice speakers but the headphone has a small buzz - The software fan controls at lowest settings are very quiet and still runs cool - Two m.2 slots and both PCIx4, I get 15 Gb/s not 32 but it's still fast

    Cons - Bios is outdated and poor and don't download the new F20 or it will mess you up, apparently it's just for Kaby Lake. - Windows software is buggy. The OSD doesn't work and it reminds me about updates but doesn't list them or make it so you can download them. I can find them anywhere but the popups continue! - The first m.2 slot blocks off an entire row of SATA, four SATA gone - The second m.2 loses your 3rd PCIe 16

    • 19 points
    • 43 months ago

    from completed build Cosmos G7 - My First Self-Build

    The LED lighting is not as great as I hoped but is still pretty decent. With a beefy graphics card the internal lighting is part obscured. Some lighting on the top left cover and bottom right cover would have added to the effect of this board.

    Some notes on building with it, particularly the M.2 slots and their effects:

    There are two M.2 slots. Depending on which type of M.2 you have changes what gets disabled. A SATA M.2 will disable one SATA port and one SATA express, with which ones depending on which M.2 slot is used.

    A 4 lane PCIE M.2 will, if utilising the upper slot (labelled M2D), disable SATA ports 0-3 and the accompanying SATA express ports. Leaving you with use of ports 4 and 5 (controlled by the Intel chipset) and ports 6 and 7 (controlled by the AS Media Chip).

    Utilising a 4 lane PCIE M.2 in the bottom slot (labelled M2H) will disable the third PCIe x16 slot as it shares lanes with that slot. Utilising this slot doesn't disable any SATA ports (provided it is not in RAID).

    Believe me I know! I used the top slot first and couldn't utilise any of my drives plugged into the SATA ports, I then moved the M.2 to the bottom slot and everything is great.

    • 17 points
    • 51 months ago

    from completed build Geek's Skylake PC

    this motherboard has everything you could ask for.. feature per feature wise, you can't go wrong with this. it has plenty of OC features plus good looks that matches with the cases you are planning to put up with makes this board bestseller.

    • 17 points
    • 48 months ago

    The reason I chose the Gigabyte motherboard was value. My choices came down to the Gigabyte, ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO, and MSI Z170A Gaming M7. All three are excellent and receive high marks in reviews, but the Gigabyte offered the best I/O connectivity and integrated sound processing.

    The CPU (Intel i5-6600K), motherboard and memory (G.Skill TridentZ Series 16GB DDR4-3000) all were installed and configured with no issues. Following the advice of others, who had installed this combination before me, I flashed the BIOS to an updated rev before I booted the system. This was key in to allowing the memory to run correctly using its XMP profile. I was able to achieve a 4.0GHz overclock on stock voltage. I have not had any issues with Windows 10 and the Gigabyte drivers.

    The only issue I have experienced with this board is the sound processor will periodically output distorted sound and can only be remedied with a system reboot. This has only happened twice in three months, but is annoying none the less.

    • 17 points
    • 47 months ago

    from completed build Speed=M.2*2

    What a great motherboard. No issues at all with the build, once i figured out the CPU power was not optional. What can I say, this was my first build ever. I plugged in the first M.2 and got the machine up and running and Win 10 installed before i tried installing the other drives. This approach worked without a hitch.

    • 17 points
    • 38 months ago

    from completed build Woo! First Build!

    For my first build, this was easy to work with. I don't fully understand all of the BIOS yet, but it's easy to navigate. It also easily applied the XMP profile for the RAM I bought.

    • 15 points
    • 38 months ago

    Great Mobo! I only wish it had a standard RGB LED header.

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