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Fractal Design Focus G ATX Mid Tower Case

(21 Ratings, 4.4 Average)


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Fractal Design

Part #



Fractal Design


ATX Mid Tower



Power Supply


Side Panel Window


Power Supply Shroud


Front Panel USB

  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A
  • USB 2.0 Type-A

Motherboard Form Factor

  • ATX
  • Micro ATX
  • Mini ITX

Full-Height Expansion Slots


Half-Height Expansion Slots


Maximum Video Card Length

380 mm / 14.961"


  • 464 mm x 205 mm x 444 mm
  • 18.268" x 8.071" x 17.48"

External 5.25" Bays


Internal 2.5" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays



  • 42.233 L
  • 1.491 ft³

Price History


    • 132 points
    • 22 months ago

    Overall the Fractal Focus G is a great case with good liquid and air cooling support with plenty of options for various use cases.

    Pros: + Ample water cooling support, two places to mount of up to 280mm radiators + More than enough fan positions if you decide to go air cooling (up to 6) + 2.5" drive mount is in a nice spot tucked in behind the motherboard tray + The bottom 5.25" drive bay can be used with a 240mm radiator + Finish is even and the matte looks nice * I especially like the white and black look + 2 fans were included + Filters on all expected fan intakes + Captive thumb screws on both side panels + Thumb screws for mounting optical drives + Front panel connectors are simple and clean with only white LEDs (at least on the white case)

    Cons: - Only 1 2.5" drive mount - Only 2 3.5" drive slots, don't expect to fit a huge RAID in this case - Window is in the panel and not full view - No PSU cover - Bottom fan mount requires removal of the 3.5" drive cages - 5.25" bays do appear removable without power tools - Cable management is tight - Need 2 SATA power cables to reach 2.5" bay and the 5.25" bays * Might be able to reach the 3.5" with one or the other, not sure - Rear panel is not strong enough * The panel bows out considerably due to cables hiding back there. Despite my every effort to make them fit I couldn't fit all my extensions back there. * The panel does not have any catches along the top and bottom edges. The only thing holding the panel on is the front lip and the two screws in the back. I believe some sort of catch need to be added to help hold the panel flat. - Along the above lines, I feel the large metal panel is a little flimsy

    Idle thoughts: This case would've worked perfect for me. Except my PSU is semi-modular and with extensions there is not enough room behind the motherboard tray to fit all the cables. If I were to make a cable tunnel out of acrylic that went in the open space I might be able to make it work. As it is I had to pass on the 24 pin extension. The PCIe extensions barely fit and I had to route them the long way around to make it work. In hindsight a new PSU with full-modular, ribbon cables would be the best bet.

    • 30 points
    • 29 months ago

    from completed build Big Fau

    Great case for its size and price point. Smooth edges and solidly built. Included dust filters are fine and provide a bit of noise dampening. Some reviewers noted interference with front I/O cables and top 5.25" bay, however I did not experience this. Both bays of mine are utilized and there was no conflict with case cables. Plastic side panel is awesome for someone nervous around glass. My only request from Fractal would be to add some zip tie points to the center/middle of the Mobo tray's back for better cable routing. Superb case, highly recommend.

    • 30 points
    • 4 months ago

    from completed build The Anti-Venom (first build)

    Nice looking case and easy enough to work with on a first time build. Only drawbacks is not much space for cable management behind the mobo, 2 atx screws had messed up thread, and I would have loved a nice white psu shroud as stock

    • 24 points
    • 25 months ago

    from completed build Stella (First Ever PC Build)

    I feel like the case is the foundation of the PC, a bad case is a bad time. So far, I love this case. The only drawback It has is in my opinion (which isn't even a fair drawback) is that its basically impossible to comfortably fit a radiator in here without being somewhat obstructed by the optical drive. If you dont have an optical drive installed, it'll fit horizontally and snuggly vertically if you get it just right. I know some people bought this case and didn't intend to use the optical drive for anything so it was fine for them. But with the optical drive installed, its far back enough that it obstructs some room for a radiator. Its easy to assemble/disassemble when adding parts or adjusting things and the side panel is gorgeous. Its not too heavy but not flimsy at all. The pre-installed LED fans were not the best if your'e actually looking for any form of LED illumination. You couldn't even see them through the front of the case (which is a filter wire mesh) and they barely made an impact on lighting up the inside. Granted they came installed so If your'e happy about that then its nice, I ended up swapping out both of them for the pink fans I have on this part list- which run just as quiet but are a smidge thicker.

    • 24 points
    • 18 months ago

    from completed build 1st Gaming PC Build

    I absolutely love this case. The aesthetics are simple and clean. The included LED fans operate very quietly and add the perfect amount of light to the case. In addition, this was a breeze to build in. Overall, this is an incredible buy for a $50 case!

    • 18 points
    • 5 months ago

    from completed build My First PC build

    Well Designed case. plenty of room for more fans or coolers. factory two fans max out at 1200 rpms are still super quiet.

    • 13 points
    • 7 months ago

    from completed build ZERO//COOL

    Very nice looking case in person. The covers on the 5.25" bays upfront blend into the rest of the front grill almost seamlessly. Seams all the way around line-up flawlessly. My case seems to be plumb and true and every angle is sharp and clean.

    Internally, not many bells and whistles. Standard routing areas are all sans-grommets, but are large and easy to work with without being useless.

    Two cages support total of four 3.5" drives. The floor cage with a nicely designed slide-out system. I also believe that there are mounts on the rear for two 2.5" devices.

    Clearance on the back is tight but a non-issue. Cabling from my modular Seasonic PSU fit without any bulging issues. Actually, they all fit without any rubbing issues. They're not loose, but they're also not cramped. I did no real cable management, but I'm sure with some zipties or even some combed custom cables, the reverse would leave plenty of room.

    There is no PSU cover, so the "basement" is exposed. Makes cable management a bit more of a chore. Originally I didn't think I wanted a cover, but seeing all my loose cables will give me pause to consider on my next case purchase.

    The black powder coating on the mobo tray is very well done. Doesn't have that powdery feel, and it doesn't feel like it would absorb finger nail scratches as some other boards (as JayzTwoCents has pointed out recently) might.

    Branding is minimal. I like the fractal designs wordmark, and aside from some raised elements in the case, the only logo is on the bottom of the front panel.

    Power LED and HDD activity lights are both very cool (tone not Fonzy) and bright white. Nice touch to avoid the standard blue/red, particularly if you're going "snowblind" or "storm trooper" on your build. Maintaining that mono/duochrome look is a very thoughtful touch.

    Case includes two Silent Series LL 120mm fans. They are white LEDs and run very quietly. In fact, with the 6 fans I have running (2 front, 1 rear, 2 video card and 1 CPU), I barely hear a hum. Of course, I do have light hearing loss. But compared to a mechanical keyboard, the fans are quiet like church mice. The two complaints are that they aren't discopuke enabled, and they don't really throw much light forwards or backwards. From the front they do produce a nice visual effect. But they don't do much to light up the interior of the case. In fact from straight on they're almost a non-factor in interior lighting.

    Overall, it cuts a small footprint. It feels like it is smaller and lighter (without being cheaper) than other mid-towers I've seen. But that could be perception.

    For the price, it's a great value. Not many bells and whistles. But what it does do, it does efficiently.

    • 11 points
    • 35 months ago

    from completed build White holographic pc

    I went modular, so I can't really talk about cable management, but it seemed easy. Very easy. The front fans are super silent (fans are big so they don't have to spin aggressively/ loudly). The white looks really nice. The whole thing is aluminium. The side window is very, very easy to scratch- scratched it cleaning it... But that's plastic for you. The only thing you could be concerned about is that there isn't too many 3.5inch compartments, but you can probably buy a taller one- there's plenty of room. If the microATX version was in white I'd get it though- but it's not too big either.

    • 11 points
    • 30 months ago

    from completed build First budget gaming PC

    Good room for cable management, see-through window, fans that come with case light up and are really pretty much silent. An all around solid budget case.

    • 10 points
    • 30 months ago

    from completed build Iceblock

    Really beautiful case for a budget. Even came with a stand-off tool. Case fans are incredibly quiet and the LEDs in them are really great looking. Drive bay is super easy to mount HDDs too.

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