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AMD - A10-7850K 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor

( 4.5 Average / 55 Ratings )






Part #


Data Width




Operating Frequency

3.7 GHz

Turbo Frequency

4 GHz



L1 Cache

2 x 96 kB Instruction
4 x 16 kB Data

L2 Cache

2 x 2 MB

L3 Cache



28 nm

Thermal Design Power

95 W

Includes CPU Cooler


Simultaneous Multithreading


Integrated Graphics

Radeon R7 (on-die)

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jnanof 26 points 47 months ago
from completed build Cable Cutter that can play MMOs

Becoming a fan. If you are thinking about an i3, think about this one instead.

buggbe 6 points 47 months ago
from completed build PlayBox500

Great Price to Performance! I am very happy with the way this inexpensive processor handles.

PhillipWeaver 8 points 47 months ago
from completed build My First Build

Very nice, but now that I bought it I would have rather gotten a cpu and a separate gpu. This really does benefit from higher ram speeds.

IceColdTabasco 7 points 47 months ago
from completed build Kaveri Box - Cheap Gaming Rig

Top of the line AMD APU, fitted with 12 compute cores and having eight of them dedicated to the iGPU. This CPU is more GPU than CPU in the most literal sense possible, and is even capable of playing some of my favorite games at 1080p. Loving it!

Stock cooler is **** though.

Meyin 9 points 46 months ago
from completed build Sam Gamgee, aka The Steam Box

Nice Apu. For my steam box, it's working great. Maybe I'll try to overcloak later, but everything is working for now.

PNWDrew 15 points 45 months ago

Fine for what it is.
Not going to be equal to a good CPU + GPU set-up for games.
Has powered my Linux PC with no problems at all.

jagawatz 13 points 45 months ago
from completed build Semi-Budget Kaveri APU Build

I currently have this overclocked to 4.4 on the CPU and 960 on the GPU. Running stable so far, no issues. As long as you spring for decent ram, 2133 speed or better, you will get a good response from this chip.

Very much recommended for HTPC's or any system that requires a smaller case, or less voltage.

Overclock settings can be viewed in the photos of this build

hawkeye1 13 points 45 months ago
from completed build Waterbox

I am very happy with this decision. APU is better than I expected. overclocks easily.

FrancineX 7 points 45 months ago
from completed build Fran's Folly

It is what it is. 8]

mr_pepper 23 points 44 months ago

This APU is a beast! Stays quiet even under load (until you add a dedicated GPU, MSI R9 380 4GB in my case, which runs quiet but really heats up the APU because it sits so close to it. You can add a liquid cooler to get rid of that problem). It can handle many games at 1080p. Games such as GTA5, FarCry 3, Saints Row IV and the like run in console quality and sometimes better.