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Silverstone RVZ03 Mini ITX Desktop Case

(9 Ratings, 4.0 Average)


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Part #

  • RVZ03B
  • SST-RVZ03B




Mini ITX Desktop



Power Supply


Side Panel Window


Power Supply Shroud


Front Panel USB

USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A

Motherboard Form Factor

Mini ITX

Full-Height Expansion Slots


Half-Height Expansion Slots


Maximum Video Card Length

330 mm / 12.992"

Internal 2.5" Bays


Price History


    • 40 points
    • 20 months ago

    from completed build RTX 2080 Compressed Mini ITX

    Very decent, nice looking case, but BEWARE people with big hands and small amounts of patience, this case will be your demise. Hard to build in, but the end result is very satisfying. Fits in a big backpack and I can take it with me as a carry-on for plane flights.

    • 17 points
    • 1 month ago

    from completed build Raven Budget Gaming

    (DO NOT USE AN ATX PSU) -- See end

    So this is where the build started. I got the RVZ03-ARGB.

    I opted for this for many reasons.

    • Reviews show that while this is larger than many cheaper/older Silverstone the thermal performance is vastly improved.
    • It can be used upright and is thin. This was a huge concern for me as I have very limited space and needed to also be able to allow airflow
    • It looks freaking amazing. This might not be to everyones taste but it is to me!

    On arrival I've noted a few others bits:

    • The section holding the GPU and the section holding Motherboard are very well separated. There's a cutout under the RGB controller where you can pipe wires through.
    • The case comes with some parts that apparently help fight GPU sag if you end up using the case horizontally. The parts made no sense to me, and the instructions are 'install and adjust...' with no actual instruction on what goes where, how they connect or what they brace against.
    • The RGB controller uses a connector I've only seen on Silverstone RGB products. The included RGB strip also uses this, meaning you're stuck to using their controller unless you rip it out and put your own in. This wasn't a big concern to me but I'd be very annoyed if this meant I couldn't control other RGB equipment I owned in the case.
    • This case has probably the best optional rubber feet I've seen for a PC in my existence. Took a bit to persuade them into place but they're very sturdy.

    Overall this did the things I wanted and had promised more than I needed. Mark down was for the info below. Don't advertise what isn't going to work.


    It states it fits an ATX PSU so I thought I'd get a (much cheaper!) ATX and just be very careful with cable management.

    Let me say this now. DO NOT CONSIDER AN ATX PSU. Not even slightly. Not even if you're extremely good at wiring. Not even if it's modular.

    While the ATX will fit fine, there is a bracket holding the RGB controller directly where the wires come out of the PSU. The clearance between the two is just less than 3mm.I attempted to re-house the bracket only to find it can't be mounted anywhere else without first making new mounting holes in the case. Also the bracket is part of the support structure for the GPU so unless you're using a very light (in weight) GPU you'll be putting undue stress on half of the supporting structure.

    Thankfully the modular ATX PSU I was using to test it early on was not intended to be the part used in the final build, so I learned this before I ordered anything!

    • 14 points
    • 7 months ago

    from completed build ITX Ryzen 3600 and RX 5700xt

    Everything is pretty well thought out in cable management. It was interesting to build a pc in it.

    • 11 points
    • 30 months ago

    from completed build Sycophantic + Psycopathic

    Only reason it's not getting 5 stars is in the description. Otherwise, it's just about as perfect as an SFF chassis can be.

    • 11 points
    • 22 months ago

    from completed build Highly Concentrated Dark Matter

    I'm a really big fan of this case. I like the aesthetics and I like the size. Working in it is definitely tight, but not unreasonably so IMO. As I mentioned in the AIO review, I originally ran an air cooler an nt06 pro to be specific, but I was seeing temps to high for my liking. I tried some different arrangements on the fan, but ultimately decide to go AIO as I had never used one and this was a build for new experiences. But I digress, my only real complaint with the case layout is that the PSU bracket is designed for an ATX power supply, and there really no good way to mount an SFF PSU. So I bought a small form factor PSU, but still had to mount it to the full size bracket which makes it take way more space than if I could just mount the SFF PSU directly. It may seem extreme to dock a whole star for just that, but in a space constrained build like this every little bit of space that can be reclaimed matters.

    • 11 points
    • 15 months ago

    from completed build Evolution of Console Ruler

    I wanted to stay on something console like that could sit nicely on my living room with my tv if I someday go back to that setup. This was in my eyes coolest looking from Silverstones lineup and the cooling capability in these are amazing!

    • 10 points
    • 17 months ago

    I really like this case. I like the aesthetics, although there are better looking cases out there. As I said earlier, keep in mind that working in it is rewarding but insanely difficult. It's deemed incompatible with the Frostflow 120 or any other sort of AIO cooling solution, but if you do your research you will find that some AIO do actually fit inside.

    • 9 points
    • 11 months ago

    I’m extremely torn on this case. I want to love it, but it’s hard. The design of the case allows it to stay very cool when compared to comparable mini ITX cases, which I love, especially since I game for rather long sessions and I didn’t want something that would heat up my entire desk area. The entire setup also stays extremely quiet, which is surprising given how cool everything stays. The form factor is also a major plus, as it takes up about as much space as an OG Xbox, making it not seem out of place in a living room setup. However, the case is riddled with design oversights, such as not including a separate PSU bracket for SFF power supplies. There’s a lot of space that can be saved there but the bracket only allows for a full size ATX PSU to sit flush, so I gained no space by purchasing a SFF unit as I had to mount it to the ATX bracket. Beyond that, once I got the PSU installed, it became clear that there was not enough clearance between the bracket and the edge of the case to actually reach the PSU on/off switch, so I have to use a tool to reach around and hit it which I think is rather ridiculous. The GPU support bracket was not designed to hold three-fan GPUs, which mine is, so I had to file away part of the support bracket so it would not be in the path of the fan, and then I had to use zipties to jury rig the whole mechanism so that it would actually support my GPU if I decided to use the computer sitting horizontally. The build quality is also questionable; the metal sides feel nice but the plastic midsection of the case feels pretty cheap and the power button is incredibly mushy and will literally get stuck in the down position if you’re not careful when turning it on, performing a hard restart. This happened to me only the second time I went to turn the PC on and I have to slide my finger across the button when I turn it on to make sure the button pops back into place. Beyond that, the RGB strip that lights the front of the case is offset within the enclosure and it is extremely easy to see the areas where the LED strip is correctly laid and where it starts to get off track (picture in main build page). This honestly makes the whole thing look pretty cheap and for case that was $130 I was expecting a lot more. There are definitely better looking and likely higher build quality mini ITX cases out there that can be found around that price or even cheaper, so this case will likely be the first thing I ever upgrade on my PC. If it were $40 cheaper, it would get 3 stars.

    • 1 point
    • 1 month ago

    from completed build Patience of the Elephant

    I'm happy with it. PROS - Slim, light, I like the style and RGB. It comes with two slim fans. Airflow is good. CONS - Screws are made of poor metal. You'll need to prepare your motherboard connections before you install it. Cable management is not that easy for my big hands, because the room is little.

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