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Video Card

MSI - GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Founders Edition Video Card

( 4.7 Average / 10 Ratings )




Part #



PCI-Express x16


GeForce GTX 1070

Memory Size


Memory Type


Core Clock


Boost Clock



150 Watts



SLI Support


CrossFire Support




Supports G-Sync


DVI-D Dual-Link






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WrathofBill 62 points 15 months ago

Seems like a monster, again need to learn more on overclocking and get gaming. Seems to stay pretty cool under stress test just below 70 c and 29 c idle. Noise levels not too bad either.

Update: Now overclocked.....

sh4ne 15 points 15 months ago
from completed build Mini ITX Gaming Cube

Runs a little warmer than the non-FE cards, and the fan is always on (idle around 1000rpm). Fan is very silent, though, and the performance has been great!

AmatisP1me 25 points 15 months ago
from completed build Black Pearl

Its the 1070. As I said above, scored in the hight 1300's (I will check my real score soon and update this review). It looks GREAT in the case with the Mobo. It made some weird sounds when entering the pci-e slot which freaked me out, but it works in my computer. I would say be more careful than I was when putting this baby in. Nevertheless, it works perfectly.

The only "downside" would be the blower fan. But I check the heat coming out and this thing at its not a lot. And when you are done gaming it cools down almost immediately. This is a good choice if you are trying to keep your cpu cool and less heat in your case. If you have a fan CPU cooler, this will help. But then again, the thing is overkill for a lot of games still. Especially some earlier AAA titles. Im interested to see how it does with BF1 and upcoming titles.

UPDATE 7/27/16 --- So yes, this thing can get a bit hot, but the temperature max on these things are not even enough to warrant worrying. I play Black ops 3 on Ultra preset at 1440p (down sampled on a 1080p monitor) and it is still giving me 70-90 fps. It just gets hot, but these reference editions are just so well built and premium, that the heat does not affect performance. If you are worried about heat in your case, just get the FE and never worry again.

UPDATE 8/16/16 --- The 1070 Destroys Fallout 4, getting above 144fps on my 144hz monitor. In fact, you have to use the Nvidia inspector to cap the frame rates for my game so that the engine isn't running at the frame rate speed. The only time I ever dropped below 60fps was when I was in the middle of Boston on a skyline that had to do a lot of rendering. But thats only because Im playing on the Ultra preset.

UPDATE 10/31/16 --- even as board partner cards have started to come out, I am still glad I snagged the founders edition. It keeps the heat out of the case for the CPU, and if you aren't going crazy overclocking, you can get well into the 2000mhz zone with MSI afterburner. But overclocking this card is pointless, it will only gain you 4-5 fps.

Acidium 11 points 15 months ago
from completed build Big Black Box (3B)

Very powerful card! Not a huge fan of the high temps, but they are normal. The blower style fan will work well when I SLI two 1070s further in the future.

sparanoid 20 points 13 months ago

Great quality with great performance. avg. 100 fps for World of Warcraft in my case.

Xarnorr 9 points 12 months ago
from completed build Deku

I LOVE THIS GPU. A way better one than the one I used to have lets me get 60+ fps on every game that I played at 1080, but what can you expect it's a 1070. Seriously thinking of upgrading monitor to find the limits of this GPU.

DeusInferos 10 points 10 months ago
from completed build The Conversion (Razer Style)

This GPU runs like a dream, I have not experienced any technical issues whatsoever and it has plays just about every game I have for it on Very High-Ultra settings ( Rainbow 6 siege, Dayz, Doom, Skyrim Se, Pubg) The Nvidia control center is always a great tool to have to optimize your games and to make sure your drivers are always up to date. They only concern i have is the temps it keeps under load jumping anywhere between the mid 70s to mid 80s in celsius degrees. At the time of my build i bought this from amazon for around $480.

bowlby87 10 points 7 months ago
from completed build P400s Build

Absolutely fantastic card. Boosts upto 2100mhz when overclocked. Runs slightly hot but set a very aggressive fan curve so never thermal throttles.

heyitzkim 61 points 6 months ago
from completed build Mini Green Killing Machine

Got this cheap off Gumtree (Australia's version of craiglist) I wanted a founders edition to match with my biuld

Qazz123321 48 points 5 months ago

I think this has the least 1070 performance than the other companies like evga or others but it works fine and the only problem is the temps cuz they reach to about 82 even if u don't overclock it