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Deepcool - KENDOMEN Red ATX Mid Tower Case

( 4.7 Average / 10 Ratings )




Part #



ATX Mid Tower



Includes Power Supply


External 5.25" Bays


Internal 2.5" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays


Motherboard Compatibility

ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX

Front Panel USB 3.0 Ports


Maximum Video Card Length

310mm With Drive Cages
400mm Without Drive Cages

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Amazon Canada $64.99 In stock $64.99+
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HazaGamingHD 22 points 25 months ago
from completed build My Red and Black Themed Gaming PC

I took a Risk on with this Part Not having any reviews on PCPartPicker But as soon as I saw an Image i was in love with this case. I love the look of it and The fact that it comes with all the Fans Pre-installed and The Front ones having Red LED's I was extremely happy with it and Then I saw The Price and I just had to Get it. The Fans are very Quiet and is Very Good for Cooling. My only complaint is there is Very little room in the back other than that i love this Case.

Slayin 5 points 25 months ago
from completed build My first budget custom pc

Best. Case. Ever. The 5 preinstalled fans provide amazing cooling and the LED ones also look cool. There is a lot of room with removable drive bays and cable management are at the back

jswadener 8 points 24 months ago
from completed build Swadizzle

This case is asthetically pleasing and comes with 5 pre-installed fans. Installing components was very easy and has been very easy to update components.

Originally 4 stars because the cable management is a bit tight, but I did manage to get it closed without any bulging, after a fair amount of time.


Installed the Hyper 212 EVO while components were installed in the case, with ease (first timer on EVO as well). I also was able to work through the cable management issue and get the case to close with no bulging or gaps. I am changing my rating to a 5 star because this has simply been easy to work with and I am a first timer.

EggMagician 5 points 13 months ago

This is more of an unkown case but I still took it because it look nice. I love how it comes with 5 fans. Even though they may not be the best they get the job done. The drive bays are easy to take out and the LED fans are a nice add on. The only concern I have is taking off the top filter. I have to take off the entire top part just to take out the filter which sucks. Other than that this case is really nice.

falkelord 4 points 10 months ago
from completed build First Gaming Build

They should call this thing THE MEATLOCKER. 5 case fans pre-installed (2 front, 2 top, 1 back) with dust covers on all of them for easy cleaning. My only complaint is that a few of the case fan plugs are too short for my motherboard (Asus Z170 Pro Gaming). I had to get a 12" 3-pin extender for the bottom front fan and a male-to-male 4 pin Molex to connect the top two case fans directly to my power supply (because I didn't have space on my motherboard for them). The good news is the top 2 fans have a low, medium, and high fan control on the front of the case so plugging them directly into the PSU is not an issue. All in all, my computer idles at somewhere around 25-29C and under load gets no more than 40C aside from my GPU which runs in the high 60's.

Is it my motherboard's fault? Maybe. But it does its job well and saved me from having to figure out how many fans to buy, which for a first time builder is a godsend. Also, this thing is so quiet, when I first booted my build up, I was afraid it didn't turn on.

Oh, one other thing: this is listed as a mid case, but I found it to be pretty roomy. Easily a full size case.

sandjaie 5 points 9 months ago
from completed build Rs. 50K Build - India

This is the best that once can get around Rs.3500($50) in India. It comes with 5 fans. 2 in the front, 2 at the top and 1 rear fan. Less space on the side for cable management but that's fine by me.

IloveGTX1080 11 points 6 months ago
from completed build FIRST BUILD EVER

Cheap, stylish case that looks great. Comes with 3 USB ports which are more than enough for me. There is a transparent side which is great if I want to show off and give people a look inside my computer without actually having to remove the case cover. I highly recommend.

richcoop718 6 points 6 months ago
from completed build More LEDs Please

Amazing case for the price. I could've used more room for cable management but I only spent 30 min on mine with a non-modular PSU and it still looks pretty decent. It came with 5 fans pre-installed, two were LED fans, for $50!!!

daykeem 2 points 6 months ago
from completed build Performance > Aesthetics

This case provides a lot of value for the dollar. My only problems are with the two LED intake fans; they're cheaply made and quite loud (no surprise). I replaced them with 2 Noctua NF-S12A's, but the grills for the drive bay restrict much of the air flow even with the 2.5" bays completely removed. Small problems to have for a $60 case, though.

jkane13 1 point 1 month ago
from completed build VM Server

Other than it is a bit tall for a mid sized case, it is what I was looking for. The fans are not as loud as you would think. It fits everything I needed and it is very low in cost. What more can I ask for. Yes, the top fans blowing up are kind of weird. They tend to prevent me from putting anything up there. That is about the only downside I have to this case.