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Operating System

Microsoft - Windows 10 Pro Full - USB 32/64-bit

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Windows 10 Pro



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Vuugo $244.95 In stock $244.95+
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om1kron 41 points 20 months ago

Windows 10 isn't without it's faults, the constant issues with windows explorer needing to be randomly restarted. all the time has been a real pain, other than that it's run very stable.

codezer0 9 points 17 months ago
from completed build 4K Gaming Deployed

Purchased this becfause it was strangely less expensive to get a full copy of the game on a USB drive than the expected DVD images.

Glad I made the choice. the USB 3.0 drive makes setup and installing the OS refreshingly fast over the optical drive, and I didn't have a drive to spare for an OS install. Fresh install, drivers, and a run through of ShutUp10, and Windows 10 Pro has been a fantastic OS for this new hardware.

Jurunce_the_Mod_Guy 10 points 13 months ago

I started with Windows 7 Ultimate, then I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, so I didn't have to pay a damn dime for a license of my own. But it did come with one problem, when the upgrade succeeded, my Windows 10 Pro wasn't activated, so I got onto the phone with Microsoft, and they activated my OS, so I now have a genuine copy.

TheOfficialCzex 16 points 12 months ago
from completed build poʍusized [Previously Red Dawn]

win_DOS. Yeah.

rfinnie 11 points 1 month ago
from completed build Amy, the Above Average Gaming PC

Full retail copy, didn't want to go the grey market Kinguin route. I have a beautiful, amazing, spectacular slip of paper with a CD key on it. Also, the world's cheapest all-plastic USB drive. But at least it's 16GB.