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Gigabyte - Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (rev. 1.0) ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

( 4.7 Average / 25 Ratings )




Part #

Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (rev. 1.0)
(or) Z370 AORUS Gaming 7
(or) GA-Z370 AORUS Gaming 7


Black / Silver

Form Factor


CPU Socket



Intel Z370

Memory Slots

4 x 288-pin DIMM

Memory Type

DDR4-2133 / 2400 / 2666 / 2800 / 3000 / 3200 / 3300 / 3333 / 3400 / 3466 / 3600 / 3666 / 3733 / 3800 / 3866 / 4000 / 4133

Maximum Supported Memory

64 GB

RAID Support


Onboard Video


CrossFire Support


SLI Support


SATA 6 Gb/s


Onboard Ethernet

2 x 1000 Mbit/s

Onboard USB 3.0 Header(s)


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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
Newegg Canada $319.99 In stock $319.99+
Vuugo $329.50 In stock $329.50+
PC-Canada $336.99 In stock $336.99+
Newegg Canada Marketplace $348.89 $348.89+

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rost123 5 points 17 months ago

A great all round board. Features one of the best VRM configurations available among Z370 boards, providing more headroom for overclocking. Three m.2 slots for the fast thrill seekers, and excellent top tier quality on-board audio for the musicians. It has a simple yet effective way to monitor and interact with the bios via its apps from windows. A straight forward way to individually setup fan curves to hybrid headers against a selected temperature sensor on the motherboard. The RGB elements are straight forward to setup via RGB fusion. It has 2x DLED and 2xRGBW headers for those with the RGB fever. A stylish yet not overly intrusive colour scheme on the PCB and heat sinks, letting you dictate your own style through a wide range of component colour choices. High performance Killer Networks E2500 Ethernet controller makes managing your connection easier.

craic 11 points 15 months ago
from completed build BlackBox

Nice board, but oh so much bling...

One stupid design is the piece of plastic marked 'AMP-UP AUDIO' that prevents you seating the 1080 Ti graphics card - it has no function whatsoever. Fortunately you can unscrew and remove it, then throw it in the bin.

haroldsaxon 2 points 15 months ago
from completed build Harold's Build

Fantastic Motherboard for the Price. This came with a free AIO cooler, and the support is superb.

The overclocking features are fantastic - I've never overclocked before and easily got to 5ghz with a 8700k. The Bios is very easy to navigate and the manual made installing easy. The RGB lighting is a nice touch too.

The only downsides would be that the software that comes with it could do with some improvement with response time but it does work. There is also a sound issue with Realtek Drivers + Nvidia GPU's and if Windows Fast Boot is enabled. If you disable the latter, the issue goes away - but isn't specific to this board and the answer was on Gigabytes forums so its hard to fault them for that.

All in all, very happy with my purchase.

MrMOABy 8 points 15 months ago
from completed build MrMOABy's Second Build

Good lighting options if you're into that. Very easy to overlock as well. I'm using the monoblock that was made for the z270 board and it cools everything it needs to on this board. I did mess up the 3 pin LED strip that came installed on the block by not adjusting the right voltage. Luckily it came with a second strip and I replaced the one I messed up. One thing to note is that the Amp-Up Audio plastic cover blocked my GPU from going all the way down into the first slot. This was kind of frustrating given both were Gigabyte Products, but no problems with taking the cover off and everything fit.

thedukeanator13 9 points 15 months ago
from completed build Just Do It, Panzershrek

An absolutely gorgeous overclocking machine. Could use a software upgrade, Gigabyte APP Center is buggy.

chejag 1 point 15 months ago

This is my first gigabyte gaming level board and I have been impressed. The build quality appears very good and the RGB lighting design is lovely, especially the trace lighting on the PCI ports. The performance of the board has been as expected for this price of board. If I had any criticisms I would like some more USB 3 ports/ board headers also I think that the manual could be better designed to aid builders take full advantage of the features. The software bundled with the board is also fine, but I think the real selling point of the board is the price vs performance which was strengthened when I purchased the board by including a free liquid cooler and offering a claimable £40 in steam vouchers. Overall good board with no problems so far.

NickWhack7 21 points 14 months ago
from completed build New gaming build

I've probably built 30 plus gaming rigs since the mid 90's and this was my very first Gigabyte board believe it or not, and I have to say I'm very impressed with it. I didn't have a single issue with the build and everything works like it should. It overclocks like a champion and has been rock solid and dependable running at 5ghz on an 8700k. The RGB on this board is really nice and the performance is top tier. I would highly recommend if you are looking to build a new Z370 system with all the RGB bling and performance to boot.

weston060 6 points 13 months ago

This motherboard has pretty much everything. Easy overclocking, active VRM cooling (which I cannot hear), all the RGB, etc... Wish it had built in WIFI, I personally don't like the look of having a wifi card.

Dillondewald 24 points 13 months ago
from completed build Project: LILA (UPGRADE FROM Z87)

6/5 Couldn't ask for more R G B

This thing has enough headers. ports and expansion slots for future upgrades. Perfect

ryanp83 11 points 12 months ago
from completed build Meshify C - Blackout

IMO this is better than the AsRock Taichi board and looks better too; best board I have owned thus far