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Crucial - MX100 512 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive

( 5.0 Average / 32 Ratings )




Part #



512 GB


SATA 6 Gb/s

Form Factor


SSD Controller

Marvell 9189

NAND Flash Type

MLC (synchronous)





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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
Newegg Canada Marketplace $456.12 $456.12+

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mack_5991 49 points 50 months ago
from completed build Project:RED

5 second cold boots, nuff said 10/10 would buy again

Gooberdad 54 points 49 months ago
from completed build Collegiate Honor Society reward

Great performance and no issues.

JoeMommaX 17 points 48 months ago
from completed build MagicBox Workstation

Good value for my games storage.

Kmak 13 points 48 months ago
from completed build Team Canada, Going for Gold

Good speed, good company. no issues and got it cheap

DeadWithoutWifi 33 points 47 months ago

upgrading from an old hard drive to this drive is mind melting. i also put GTA5 on this and omg omg omg.

horizon21 8 points 41 months ago
from completed build The Black Lightning

About 1 year ago I decided to breathe new life into my trusty Acer Aspire 5740 when it’s HDD failed by getting this SSD for it. I believe it cost me £150 at the time. I re-used it in my build and continue to enjoy the snappiness and increased responsiveness it offers.

AlchemistZero 18 points 41 months ago
from completed build Blue Nights -_-

A refurb so far so good had one issue with boot sequence and the drive not being recognized besides that mishap its been good. To fix I pretty much had to open my case re plug a few times restarting and playing in the bios boot sequence.

ErrorSuccess 8 points 33 months ago
from completed build The Orange Bucket

An AMAZING ssd. That's it, you should buy it.

horton1024 5 points 20 months ago
from completed build Rusty Trusty - My First Gaming PC

Got a good sale on it when SSD's were a bit more expensive and have gone through 3 clean installs of Windows so far.

rost123 5 points 17 months ago

Bought on sale and performs great on day to day tasks.