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Need soundcard

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bdj10028 15 days ago

So, it turns out that the onboard audio on the Aorus Z390 motherboard doesn't have a live line-in. Basically, what I've done in the past is that I plug in my guitar amp simulator (a Line 6 POD X3) into the line-in port on my sound card, so I can hear my electric guitar through my computer speakers. Makes it really easy to record bits in Audacity and other stuff.

Now, when I plug it into the line-in on the motherboard, there's no sound coming from line-in, unless I check the box "Listen to this device" in Windows. Then the sound comes through, but the quality is so degraded and there's latency that it's not worth it.

My question is: if I buy a cheap Sound Blaster Audigy FX on Amazon to get a properly functioning line-in, a) does this pose any compatibility issues with the motherboard's audio, and b) would there be any other downgrade in sound quality going from the motherboard's audio chipset to the Sound Blaster?

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nightrook 4 Builds 1 point 9 days ago

What happened to make this problem appear?

a) Shouldn't, and b) Might be a slight upgrade, but quality difference is most likely negligible.

bdj10028 submitter 1 point 7 days ago

What happened to make this problem appear?

That's a great question. Some PC audio devices (I've noticed this happens with those that use Realtek drivers, as the Asus motherboard does) seem to require "Listen to this device" to be enabled in order to hear what's plugged into the line-in jack. The lag is the issue here; if you've got a passive device like a tape recorder or something plugged into the line-in, you won't notice, but it's instantly noticeable with a musical instrument (like the guitar interface I'm using) that has realtime input and feedback.

At any rate, I did get the Sound Blaster and everything works fine now. I am still intellectually curious as to why certain devices (such as the Aorus onboard audio) produce lag in the line-in and others do not, though.

nightrook 4 Builds 1 point 6 days ago

Oh, well I misread your original post. Thought the setup was the same the entire time. So Window's "Listen to this device" is generally just really bad. You should only use it when you have no other option. The latency problem you're getting is most likely due to the audio being encoded multiple times. External devices are meant to solve exactly this problem, so glad you figured it out haha.