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Dedicated streaming pc

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Jotatochips28 1 month ago

So I am looking to put together a streaming pc to use for twitch. I will be playing all games off of a PS4 so the pc doesn't need to be super beefy for gaming. I have a co-worker that is willing to sell me some old parts and I was looking to get a second opinion on if the parts will allow me to do what I want it to. The main component in question is the cpu which is an I5 4690k. The parts he is looking to sell are the cpu, ram (8 or 16gb of ddr4 3000), motherboard, case, cpu cooler, and capture card. I would need to supply a gpu if necessary. With that info in mind could I make this into a streaming pc?

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LIVE_AMMO 1 point 1 month ago

For a 1080p 60fps dedicated streaming rig, the I5-4690k + 8GB RAM is more than adequate.

Since it's an older chip i'm assuming these are used parts. Whether used/new, whats he charging for everything included? You mentioned 8 or 16 GB - 8 is sufficient for this type of workload, 16 would be nice if achieved on the cheapie for future proofing or opening up additional opportunities in the long run.

I would need to supply a gpu if necessary

For a streaming rig, it's not necessary. The integrated GPU on the i5 will do the job.

Jotatochips28 submitter 1 point 1 month ago

Sweet thanks! We havent confirmed a price yet but original offer was 250 before he offered the capture card. Either way it is a great deal