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Are these good headphones?

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LightningProd 1 month ago

I was look at headphones and these ones just seemed to stand out.

They have a good sound range, 7.1 channel audio, a mic, and ANC (active noise canellation) for $33.33+$5.99 shipping, and it looks like a very good deal. Is it? There's no reviews on PCPP and the only review on Walmart is complaning that they don't work with an Xbox.


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cheezmeister 2 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

Actually, I have a pair of cheap headphones very similar to these (sub-$40 Amazon parts) and I would say that the fit is not the best and the quality is hardly audiophile, but for the price, they could very well be a great choice. I say go with it. This pair has a self-adjusting headband which I can say from experience is more comfortable for a long period of time. Just be wary that 7.1 virtual surround may not work because drivers from cheap brands are hit or miss.

iPhoneExtraviganza 1 point 1 month ago

If you don't need a mic, you can get much better for the price. Afaik, headphones means without mic, headset means with mic.

But at that price point don't expect to get anything good. They're all pretty bad (headset wise at least).

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