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[help] [planning] painting waves and ice on white case

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str8nin9 1 month ago

I have a white H500i and I want to have waves on the front slowly transforming to ice as you look towards the back of the case. I am looking for tips and help on how to get this effect. my current plan is to use painter's tape to draw an outline of waves on the case then spray paint the rest blue. that way the white would act as an outline for the waves/ice. afterwards I am thinking I can use a paint brush to add shading and highlighting to the waves. the waves I imagine are similar to the water tribe logo from avatar the last airbender and honestly I am clueless how to even paint the icebergs on. this is my first time trying to alter a case, does this sound like a plausible methodology for the waves?

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MooseTech 2 points 1 month ago

Hey, that sounds interesting.

There are more than enough images of waves out there but I think what would look really cool, and might be what you are looking for is the boundary where water changes to ice (i.e think frost and ice crystals).

Run a Google search on "water to ice transition" and there are some great images you could use for inspiration. let me know if that works for you.

Good Luck.