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Trying to figure out the best mITX combo for home use PC

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s3amorris 2 months ago

I'm doing a mITX build for an older person so graphic intensive gaming involved, but they use the internet extensively, use MS office and other lower end software. Their monitor is a Dell S2717H. Looking for a solid combo without going too crazy. I've built lots of gaming rigs but I'm asking because I'm so used to building higher end systems, that I don't want to overbuild this one. So far I have the Fractal Nano S case, Samsung 860EVO 500GB and a WD 1TB blue for the backup drive. Looking for recommendations on the best combo CPU and Mobo to fit this scenario. I've done builds using all 4 of the major Mobo companies, but honestly I've have had the best luck with ASUS or AsRock.

Is an i5 8400 and ASUS H370 overkill? Or should I do a Ryzen 5 2600 with B450 board? Or are either of these too much for what this person needs and is "relatively" future proof? And is there any reason to get more than 8GB of DDR4 2666 RAM?

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