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got a free cooler master haf xb evo and want to put a fan up top.

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Zyveran-7 2 months ago

The hole pattern is for 120mm x 180mm hole spacing. The only fans I can find that fit this are cooler master 200mm fans, noctua's 200mm fans, and bitfenix's '230mm' spectre pro (it's actually a 200mm fan with a shroud that is 200mm x 230mm) and cooler master's own 200mm fans, which seem to be a bit low end from their sleeve bearings.

If bitfenix's specs are at all true, then it is an absurdly good fan. It fits the mounting pattern of the case, (here's a link to a diagram of the fan: https://files.bitfenix.com/productguides/Spectre%20Pro%20230mm%20Diagram.jpg ). I just don't know how trust worthy it is in terms of quality and if its claims are accurate at all.

Maybe I'm missing a fan somewhere? is there one that's even better that would fit my case? or is the bitfenix actually a decent fan?

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mack_au 4 Builds 1 point 2 months ago

It'll be fine. It's just a fan. If you don't want LED's then get noctua fans but otherwise I'd just get bitfenix fans.

A brand name fan that works out of the box will work for 5+ years 99% of the time and the other 1% would be manufacturing defects or atypical part failures that any fan can have.

Here's a build with that fan in that case.