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Cooler Master Masterbox MB500 + top 240 radiator?

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samupetho 3 months ago

Hey everyone, specially the MB500 owners!

I want to make a nice TUF themed built, where I'd use the TUF edition of the case, with a standard B450 Plus Gaming TUF edition motherboard. The trick comes, as theoretically the radiator should fit to the top, but at one review, it was stated, that yes, it fits, but then the motherboard won't fit. Does anyone has some reliable information regarding this? Also the best would be if you have the certain parts, I'd really appreciate a picture.

The reason I want to use a top rad, is that my airflow design looks like using the 2 standard front fans as intake, install a 3rd fan on top of them, to have the mobo/ram some airflow inside as a 3rd intake, and use the back fan az an outtake, and the top rad's fans would blow the hot air outside too at the top of the case.

Or just shall I look at the other options? TUF Gaming GT501 case? Also the In Win 101 TUF Gaming is TUF themed, but I don't really like the airflow design, and the top chamber option.

Thanks for the help,



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