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Silverstone rvz02b needs a filter when using 3.5 inch drives as it will limit gpu length

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Mytrenet 3 months ago


the 3.5 inch drive space is on the gpu space, when using a 3.5 inch hdd you are limiting the gpu size to max 19cm , if using a gpu bigger than that you can't use a 3.5 inch drive.

I was planning a build where I need a 3.5 inch hdd for huge storage as it is also a small media server and I went to see a couople of reviews videos from hardware canucks and saw that they showed how a 3.5 inch harddrive limits your gpu size.

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Root_User 1 point 3 months ago

PCPP has come quite a ways with generalized compatibility checking, but physical clearance issues are one of those areas where it falls short.

Varied case geometries make it difficult to come up with generalizable rules, since PSU dimensions, HDD cages, expansion cards, etc. can cause problems in tandem.