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Fractal Design Meshify C - Optimal Fans/Fan Placement?

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_Roller_ 1 month ago

I have purchased a good portion of the components for my new build and have decided on the Fractal Design Meshify C as my case. Given the components I've chosen so far, what are some good fans to buy and what kind of configuration should they be placed in? I was thinking about having three 120mm fans as front intake, one 120mm fan as rear exhaust, and a 240mm AIO as exhaust mounted up top and replacing the stock fans with better ones. Noctua Chromax stands out to me as decent options or maybe something from EK or Corsair? Parts list is as follows:


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esotken 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

I am a fan of Arctic fans, in my case ARCTIC F12 and F14 PWM variants. Only downside i they have short cable lengths.

I use them in my Define S to great affect.

Anyway in a Meshify C, I would recommend 2xz 140's in front as intake and a 120 in back as exhaust. instead of 3x 120's. I dont know this but with the 120's if your planning on using one of the 3.5in drive bays in the bottom of the case, dont knof if you will have to remove or relocate that drive cage.

_Roller_ submitter 1 point 1 month ago

I'll likely be removing it, have no plans at this time to add any HDDs with how little storage I really use.