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Best mid-range Wireless Headphones for Gaming?

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Ranceattack 4 months ago

Basically the title, would ideally like to spend between $100 - $150, cheaper if possible. I like to pace my room a lot so wireless would prevent the annoying 'removing then wearing headset when needing to step out' step.

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TopHatArmy 1 point 3 months ago

Also the hs70, and arctis 7 (100 and 150 respectively)

edge85 1 point 3 months ago

So much of this is subjective. My experience has been with the Hyperx cloud 2, logitech g533, arctis pro wireless, and most recently Sennheisser 6XX's with a dedicated mic. The Hyperx and Sennheisser' are wired. The logitech g533 and arctis pro are wireless. The Arctics pro wireless were $360 and had amazing sound a a great mic, but hurt to wear for long periods of time, the logtitechs were not as good on audio or the mic but were more comfortable and alot cheaper. Sennheisser will cost you an arm and a leg after you buy a separate mic, amp, and dac. HyperX cloud 2's are about $100 and worked amazing for me, they were also very comfortable. If my current setup was destroyed and i was tight for cash,I would go back to the HyperX cloud 2's and deal with the wire. The Cloud Flight however have a good rep and I would strongly look into those if I wanted wireless.

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