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Minimal, but good quality speakers?

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SawyerMBlack 4 months ago

Guys, my next PC build will be more than just power, I'm also building it around minimalism and clean appearance. One problem I've had pursuing this project is the audio setup.

I was suggested a Creative Labs - Sound BlasterX Katana 0W 2.1ch Speaker system, which is a sound bar + woofer arrangement, but I now have decided to get a second opinion.

For those of you who have build a minimal desktop station, and wanted to retain good quality speakers that took the lowest real estate, what was your approach?

Thank you very much!

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Evil_Paroxysm 5 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

A couple 5" studio monitors and a decent interface will run you about the same as a Soundblaster katana would, and it would sound much better. Bass would likely be comparable between the two.

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