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About to build another rig, suggestions?

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DoHbOyBlAzEd 62 months ago

The rig I built a couple weeks ago should be sold tonight, so I'm looking for suggestions for my next build. This time I am trying to keep the budget around $500 CDN (before taxes/shipping). No O/S or peripherals needed. I would like to avoid parts I have used recently, such as the Core i3, GTX 750 and Cooler Master N200/Elite 110. So far I have come up with a couple builds, one being an entry level gaming rig, the other a general all purpose computer.


http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/DoHbOyBlAzEd/saved/46f5 (reused N200 just as a filler)

What would you guys like to see in the next rig? (Remember, must be CDN pricing)


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