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apull 7 months ago

Hello i have a issue iam wondering if any experienced folks can assist with i will explain in detail the best i can as to my current situation plus usage.

Set up and usage ; Streaming+gaming, from xbox to pc and sometimes from pc to pc.

Stuff i use; xbox 1 x beefy pc elgato headset is astro tr40+mix amp *at2020 hooked into a behringer mix amp via xlr2xlr

Mix amp details : optical from xbox 2 mixamp USB from mix amp to pc male 2 male 3.5mm Aux from mixamp 2 pc, as headphone (gets me my sounds from pc into headset while on xbox) reason USB from mixamp is plugged 2 pc is because i ise xbl party chat on Windows so the stream can hear party.

My issue is, when set up this way and playing xbox while streaming it starts off good, no sound delay (sound delay when it starts is my end only) so i have a 1.5 to 3 second sound delay upon action, like a gunshot or footsteps.

So, any ideas. If you speak of any products please post links to said product.

Ty in advance

All audio is routed through real tech high def audio on pc and so on.


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