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Eggy0 7 months ago

Would you guys be able to recommend a good pair of cheap headphones (around $10-$15 or the euro equivalent)? They don't have to be wireless and I don't care if they come with a microphone (I have a separate one), my only requirement is that they can supply decent sound and be comfortable to wear for extended amounts of time. Right now I have some generic MS Industrial headphones that, while usable, on occasion become a bit uncomfortable on the ears which then makes me want to take them off and not wear them again. I've used more comfortable headphones that were also cheap but I've since forgotten the models. Circumaural headphones are preferred but I can also go for supra-aural, just as long as they're comfortable and can be adjusted for any head size.

I've tried doing quick research and found the Zalman ZM-HPS300 which I can order from a local store at a little over $15, give or take since it's in an entirely different currency. According to one review this model is very nice but has a crap microphone (which, again, doesn't matter to me as I have a separate one), and I'd like to be sure if this model is fine or if there's a better one out there. If you're suggesting a different model I'd prefer to buy it from here or here (anything that says is priced at "99 kn" is at roughly $15) since both of these shops are local and accept Paypal, otherwise I'll be happy to look at any store that accepts Paypal, resides in the EU and ships to Croatia (though I'd still love to be able to pick them up quick so I can stop using the MS Industrial ones asap).

In case it matters the new headphones will go on this PC build that I'll be building sometime soon.


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Eggy0 submitter 1 point 7 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion, but according to a quick search Monoprice is an US-based store - when I specifically said I'd be looking at stores in EU countries - and it doesn't seem to ship to Croatia either, at least according to the country selection dropdown menu during the ordering process. I also can't find these headphones in either local stores or EU stores that I know accept Paypal and ship to Croatia. Also according to a quick search, shipping can get dreadfully expensive and several people have posted more negative reviews than positive ones which makes me apprehensive in any case. So unfortunately, while the suggestion is good it's out of reach for me :(

If I don't get any more opinions I think I'll go for the Zalman headphones...