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Dan case vs NCASE M1?

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pipet 7 months ago

I'm pondering a Ryzen 2700x built, but at the same time I want a (very) small case. So the choice comes down to the Ncase M1 vs. Dan case, and I'd very much prefer the latter one.

But cooling might be tricky with the 2700x in a small case. This is probably not so much an issue with Ncase, as it fits a Noctua NH-U9S (to which I'd add a second fan - btw: I'd like to stick with air cooling). But a low profile fan in the Dan case probably won't cut it (there's a build on here with a 2700x & a Cryorig C7, I believe, but the temps seem to run a bit high), so I'd lean towards the NH-U9S as well, but then I'd have to leave off the side panel or use a cutout panel (there don't seem to be any available with v5, though?). What's the collective wisdom about such an approach? Does it look cool or awful? Does it work ok? Besides being a matter of personal taste, is there anything I'm overlooking or should take into consideration?

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Rin_Itoh 1 point 7 months ago

I would look into some cases from Fractal Design, I know that they have some nice ITX cases more in that show box theme. You should look into the Cryorig a little bit more. I have an H7 and it keeps my PC nice and cool, but I have a mid tower PC. I know that with ITX builds the temps are going to be a bit higher anyway due to the fact that it is such a small space.

Edition1 1 point 7 months ago

Why don't you want to use an AIO? It seems like the most viable option at the moment for you and ticks all the boxes. If I was you though I would probably go for the Ncase M1 as I don't think it looks that bad and I'd want my system to be cool and quiet as possible. By the way, have you had a look at the Cougar QBX? I came across it while looking for the Ncase M1 and it looks decent. I saw Bitwit's small form factor build with the 2400g and he cut out the side panel, I thought it actually looked very cool but of course you will need expertise as you don't want to get that wrong... I think cutting the side panel is a good idea though.

pipet submitter 1 point 7 months ago

The Fractal Design cases are nice, but way bigger than the Dan or M1. I also came across the Cougar, which seems good value for the money, but the potentially sharp protruding edges of the front panel concern me a bit (cutting out a side panel is not a job I would like to tackle, though...). Re AIO, I don't have any experience with it (I did my last build aeons ago), and would be afraid of it leaking at some point, but I might look into it.

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