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Case Change/Upgrade

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JMak00 5 months ago

Budget is less than $100 and preferably under $70

Current case is Thermaltake Core V31 and I love this case. But, I also love my Thermaltake Riing fans and want a larger side window, preferably glass, to see my color-coordinated mobo, custom cables, memory, etc. So, yeah, purely an asthetic change.

My current case is limited to 2x120 or 2x140 fans up front behind the mesh front. I bought a replacement front cover from Thermaltake after losing the optical drive bay cover and am removing the optical drive. I thought I could mount a 3rd 120mm Riing fan upfront, but apparently that won't work. So...

I'd like to get into a new case with a larger window to see into the case and get it up on the table top to be admired by all who gaze upon it...no vanity here, really.

I've looked at the Meshify, Enthoo, and similar cases, but I'm not a fan of the PSU shroud in each. Like I said above, I love my custom cables and only seeing one end of them feels unfinished. Also, the shroud typically limits fan placement at the bottom to 0 or 1 and I want 2 fans down there. I want to also keep the mesh front as I don't have confidence that the flat front panels will permit sufficient airflow through the front. This is why I passed up a recent sale on a Thermaltake View 31.

So, I'm looking for ideas ranging from maybe modding my current case to a new case that will preserve seeing my custom cables and placing my 2x140 Riing fans and 5-6 120 Riing fans.

Thanks in advance...


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